Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Focus comic free winter festival.

We enjoyed teaching our autistic and special needs students how to draw Focus and his military friends.

Over the weekend, we hosted the Focus Comics Artist of the Year and Hero Award Ceremony 2022. Check out the highlights film:

Congratulations to our winners and finalists. We are proud to be one of the first within the comic industry to host an artist of the year awards for autistic and special needs kids. We are proud to champion autistic and special needs kids plus super heroes:

Artist of the Year Awards 2022:

  • 1st Place: Jaiden Guzman
  • 2nd Place: Matthew Goebel
  • 3rd Place: Audrey Lam

Student of the Month: Vanessa Montiel.

Hero of the Year Awards 2022:

  • Eric Garcia, Fire Fighter
  • Ssgt Miguel Orozco, Marines Corps.
  • NC1 Heald, US Navy
  • TSgt Yee, US. Air Force
  • Pastor Tony Pierce, Veteran

We want to thank Avondale Fire and medical for bringing their fire truck to our venue so our kids can experience it.

Check out the highlights film for group a&b:

Meet some of our winter festival students!

Check out our students art:

Our Creator Yvonne Wan had the honor of converting the art into certificate of achievements that resemble a comic cover:

Check out our students Certificates of achievements and art submissions:

For those who missed out on the opportunity to participate, here is the class tutorial:

Want to see more pictures and high resolution images? Visit our Facebook Page. Thank you.

Thank you for everyones support, including Arrive Derci for providing the catering to the banquet, Showcase Plastics for making the trophies, the US Marine Corps for the bags, Avondale fire and medical for bringing their firetruck and the crew to the venue for our students to experience ect. Our students loved their gifts including Windsor Newton water color sets, Blick acrylic paints and more.

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