Yvonne Wan is an award winning artist. She is the creator of Focus comic. Focus features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes and is part of a humanitarian project with the mission of maintaining dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigmas associated with it. She is also a writer and broadcast film maker. Former employers include Cartoon Network, Saatchi and Saatchi and Ogilvy. She works with different mediums, both 2d and 3d art.

Please visit her facebook page to view a comprehensive portfolio of her art: www.facebook.com/yvonnewanartist

Please email her at [email protected] for commissions.

Here are examples of her art:


Yvonne Wan’s Art on Blank Variant Covers (Marvel and Dc):

Yvonne Wan’s Art on My Little Pony Blank Variant Covers:

Yvonne Wan’s Art on Garbage Pail Kids Blank Variant Covers:

Yvonne Wan’s Art on seven variant Focus comic covers:

Yvonne Wan’s Art on IDW’s Transformers Blank Variant Cover

By Yvonne Wan

Yvonne Wan’s 3d Art using paper clay:

Paper Clay Predator Sculpture made independently by 6?Yvonne Wan
dogs life. Acrylic on canvas

Sequential pencil line art by Yvonne Wan in Focus comic. Colors by L.Guerrero

Please revisit this web page often to view new additional art work.

Email: [email protected]

Here is a picture of Yvonne Working on a sculpture:

Yvonne Wan is an international comic artist, film maker, portrait artist and sculptor.

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