Free Chinese shuǐ-mò 水墨, “water and ink” art  workshop for autistic and special needs kids

Comic inking techniques are rooted in the fine arts. Chinese ink painting practices has been around for over 2000 years and help comic artists to be their very best at inking once they mastered the medium. With Chinese inking, a single stroke can produce considerable variations in tonality, from deep black to silvery gray. Therefore, …

Focus Comic Artist and Hero of the Year Awards 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Focus comic free winter festival. We enjoyed teaching our autistic and special needs students how to draw Focus and his military friends. Over the weekend, we hosted the Focus Comics Artist of the Year and Hero Award Ceremony 2022. Check out the highlights film: Congratulations to …

Focus Loves Tempe: Class of 2022 Graduation event

Our autistic and special needs Focus comic students loved their graduation event at Tempe fire station 6. They loved meeting their local heroes, receiving their custom certificate of achievement that resembles a focus comic cover, and gifts! Our students loved the grand tour of the local fire station and getting the opportunity to sit in …

Focus comic free art camp week 124

We are 124 weeks into our focus comic free art camp! This week our creator taught our students how to draw super hero feet! Check out their progress in learning how to build a super hero figure. We are proud to champion young autistic and special needs talent.

Art by our Illustrator interns

Congratulations to Jaiden, Audrey, Vanessa, Emily, Elora and Aarav for successfully completing their illustrator internship with Focus comics. Line art and inks by our illustrator interns, digital colors by our creator Yvonne Wan.

Focus comic loves the US Navy

We want to thank the US Navy for supporting autistic and special needs kids through the provision of cool Navy gifts for our students. Visit our social media for images of our students art work of military vehicles, and more pictures of our Focus comic students.

Focus loves Tempe: Military Vehicle Art Program Graduation Event

Congratulations to our autistic and special needs students who graduated on our Focus loves Tempe, 6 week Military art program over the weekend. Our students had an amazing time on the program learning how to draw a different military vehicle each week, Focus the autistic super hero and themselves also. Our creator Yvonne Wan converted …