Focus comic Free Sumi Art Program Graduation Event for Autistic and Special needs kids

Focus comic had a successful graduation event over the weekend for its Autistic and Special needs students. The free art program introduced our students to the art of Sumi inking (relevant to comics), the importance of animal conservation and how to present their art.

In the middle: Yvonne Wan, The creator, writer and artist and art teacher of Focus comic. Douglas Hebert, one of the artists and art teachers of Focus comic. The other kids are our autistic and special needs students.

Check out the highlights film. Many thanks to Yvonne Wan for filming and editing the footage so the kids can remember their special day.

Congratulations to class of 2022 for the Focus comic free sumi art program graduates ! They did amazing! Check out our students art (Certificates designed by Focus creator Yvonne Wan):

Here are the two highlights films showing our students best moments on the free Focus comic sumi program:

We are proud to champion autistic and special needs kids. The kids were excited to receive their custom certificates of achievement with their art on it. The kids also loved their graduation gifts.

Our interns Marlena and Aarav also had a great signing event celebrating the release of their trading card. They loved presenting their art to the public and they were encouraged with the positive attention that they received.

Here are a few photos from over the weekend. Please visit to see more images:

Thanks 3M for providing our students with masks.

Want to support our project? Please support us in anyway you can. Thanks

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