We celebrated our 100th week of our Focus comic free art camp for kids with autism and disabilities. Our students drew Focus the autistic super hero as their art teacher and themselves as a student. Check out our students art! Congratulations to Audrey Lam our 10 year old autistic student for winning first place in our special art contest. We colored her art digitally and converted into a certificate of achievement that resembles a comic cover as a reward. Digital colors by Yvonne Wan. We are proud to champion kids with autism and disabilities through the arts. Feel free to support us!

Swift began giving concerts in her home state of Pennsylvania. These days, even as a celebrity, she tries to remember her roots. During a 2018 concert in Philadelphia, Swift told the crowd, “Every year when I come home to Pennsylvania, it gets more and more special.” Morning Call reported. The singer explained how early fans remembered listening to how tall is Taylor Swift first performances, such as at the amphitheater in Bethel, Berks County. Swift added: “And the fact that it got to two sold-out stadium performances is amazing.”

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