In celebration of Autism Awareness month and Neurodiversity, Focus Comics will be hosting a 1 month free online art program for autistic and special needs kids and youth.

Students will learn how to draw different military vehicles. Students will learn technical drawing skills that will help them draw realistic vehicles step by step on zoom. Award winning Focus comic creator, writer and artist Yvonne Wan will lead the classes with Douglas Hebert, certified art teacher providing support.

Program details:

For: Autistic and Special needs kids and youth in Arizona

Ages: 6- 17

Online class dates: Sunday April 2, 16, 23 2023. Time: 2pm – 3pm

In person graduation date: April 29 2023 10am in Avondale.

If you are interested in applying for the art program, please send us the following information to [email protected]

  1. Name of Student.
  2. Age of Student
  3. Name of Parent / legal guardian
  4. Contact number of Parent/ legal guardian
  5. Email for Parent / legal guardian
  6. City of residence

Please note, your child’s place on this program is not secured until we receive your application and confirm the spot is secured for your child in writing.

At the graduation event, our students art will be displayed at the venue. Our graduates will receive a certificate of achievement featuring their art, that resemble a Focus comic cover at the in person graduation event. Our graduates will also receive gifts to celebrate their accomplishments at the graduation event. Our students will also receive a class of 2023 digital photo. Our students art will be exhibited online to promote autistic and special needs talent.

Flat bed scans of each assignment is due after class. The art will be transferred onto the childs certificate of achievement to celebrate their accomplishments.

Art supplies needed: Paper, Paper, Marker and any coloring supplies you have at home (crayons or pencils, or markers or water colors will do).

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