This week our we taught our autistic and special needs students how to draw the Queen of the United Kingdom with Focus the autistic super hero as the Queens guard. Check out our students art! We will be mailing our students art to the Queen at Buckingham palace as a class gift pack. We hope the Queen will display it at her palace and write back with words of encouragement.

We are proud to have served 98 weeks of free classes at the Focus comic free art camp for autistic and special needs kids. Please support our project in any way you can. Our mission is to maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma, and championing autistic and special needs kids through the arts. Focus comic features one of the first autistic super heroes, art by professionals plus autistic interns.

Here is our highlights film:

Here are our students art which we are mailing off to the queen in hope she will love it, frame it and give our students positive feedback:

If you missed the class, here is the art tutorial:

Class duration: 40-90 minutes depending on the childs abilities.

Art supplies needed: Pencil, paper, eraser, marker and coloring pens.

The kids had fun learning about composition, symmetry (math, geometry and physics), diversity, global awareness, human emotions and fashion design. They also got to improve their inking and coloring techniques.

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