On Sunday, Focus Comic held an in person graduation ceremony at Samurai Comics for our ‘Focus Comic loves Arizona’ Free 5 week comic art program for autistic and special needs kids. We also held an online graduation ceremony for those who could not attend in person. The students drew themselves as super heroes along side Focus the autistic super hero plus a villain:

Yvonne also colored the kids line art of the Phoenix Corporate center, to inspire the kids to keep developing their artistry.

Douglas Hebert (certified art teacher), Theresa Deacon (certified Special education teacher) and Yvonne Wan (Focus comic creator, and art teacher) enjoyed developing our students artistry on the art program.

Yvonne Wan colored the students art professionally and converted into a certificate of achievement that resembles a comic cover.

Our students earned 5 stars on the program, and they were rewarded prizes to celebrate their achievement.

Congratulations Focus loves Arizona class of 2021.

Please click here to see pictures and the full report: Focus.

Photo credit: Mario Pedicini. Video credit: Yvonne Wan.

#diversity #equity #inclusion #autismawareness #specialneedskids

This 5 week Focus loves Arizona art program is funded by an Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Many thanks to everyone for their support in helping autistic and special needs kids in the community.

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