We are pleased to share our art class tutorial this week, on flip book animation and how to draw a dog.

Here is a 60 second highlights film of the free Focus comic zoom classes this week. This special event class included students with mixed abilities including those with special needs.

Many thanks to Yvonne Wan, for creating the lesson plans, filming and editing the video assets and leading the classes. Many thanks for Douglas Hebert for teaching also.

We ran three different lesson plans this week.

What you will need for the flipbook animation class class:

  • Post it note pad
  • Sharpie

Class duration: 60 minutes depending on the child’s abilities.

Here is the art tutorial:

Teaching Artist: Yvonne Wan Lesson Title: The Art of Flip Book Animation Lesson Description: Learn how to create flip book animation using a sticky note pad, pencil and pen. Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts Arizona Arts Standards: Artistic Process – Creating Grade 9 -12, Anchor Standard #1 – Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work (VA.CR.1.HS3a) + (VA.CR.1.HS3b) Artistic Process – Creating Grade 9 -12, Anchor Standard #2 – Organize and develop artistic ideas and work (VA.CR.2.HS3a) + (VA.CR.2.HS3b) + (VA.CR.2.HS3c) Artistic Process – Creating Grade 9 -12, Anchor Standard #3 – Refine and complete artistic work (VA.CR.2.HS3b) Artistic Process – Presenting Grade 9-12, Anchor Standard #6 – Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work (VA.PR.6.HS3) Artistic Process – Connecting Grade 9-12, Anchor Standard #10 – (VA.CN.10.HS3) Artistic Process – Connecting Grade 9-12, Anchor Standard #11 – (VA.CN.11.HS3) Arizona SEL Competencies: Self-awareness: Identify & label ones feelings. Grounding in & affirming of cultural heritages. Self Management: Setting and achieving goals. Social Awareness: Perspective taking. Empathy. Respect for diversity. Recognizing family, school & community supports. Relationship Skills: Building relationships with diverse individuals and groups. Seeking help. Responsible Decision Making: Reflecting. Ethical Responsibility. This video was produced with funding support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, an agency of the State of Arizona, through a Virtual Mini-Lesson (VML) Grant. Created in response to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on traditional spaces for arts learning and education, VML grants provided funding and training to support Arizona teaching artists in the creation of virtual lessons for diverse learners. Grants were awarded to teaching artists throughout Arizona, working in all artistic disciplines. The lesson videos they created are presented free of charge to support educators, parents, and caregivers. These virtual mini-lessons cover a variety of topics, with a focus on mindfulness, fun, and relief for learners and their caregivers through COVID-19 and beyond.

Yvonne also created a Flip book animation class for beginners:

In addition to this, Yvonne taught the students how to draw a dog.

Materials needed: Pencil, paper and Eraser.

Estimated Class time 30-40 Minutes.

Please visit www.focuscomic.com to see more pictures.

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