We are proud to announce that Eli Gregoire has joined our Focus comic team as our latest trading card intern with autism. Eli is 14 years old and loves Focus Comic and Sonic the hedgehog. We started teaching him last year at our art camp and was delighted to see him apply for this internship role.

Eli has a natural talent for drawing. We are excited to have the opportunity to develop his skills and help him get his art published in the form of a trading card. Eli will learn how to draw Focus the autistic super hero and he will also learn how to draw portraits to.

His trading card internship class started yesterday via zoom with our Focus comic head art teacher Douglas Hebert leading, and creator Yvonne Wan teaching to.

We believe it is important to champion kids with special needs within the community. Please support us in any way you can.

Focus comic is available to purchase through our website or retail partners.

We are also currently running a charity fundraiser in partnership with www.arizonaghostbusters.com with the objective of bringing 300 smiles to 300 special needs kids.

Above: Zoom class. Yvonne Wan, Douglas Hebert and Eli.

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