Focus Comic Community Outreach at Amberlea Elementary school a success

Left to right: Yvonne Wan, the sole creator of Focus, writer and artist. Elisha Perry Teacher intern for Focus. Douglas Hebert main artist and internship coach.

Focus comic had a successful five day community outreach event at Amberlea elementary school.

The sole creator of Focus Comic, Yvonne Wan who is also the writer and contributing artist was joined by Elisha Perry, the Focus comic teaching intern and Douglas Hebert who is the main artist and internship coach. They met all the k-8 kids in small groups throughout the five day community outreach in an effort to promote Focus comic, autism awareness and their anti bullying social initiative.

The team provided free art workshops to all the kids and held a free community coloring contest where they were able to color in Focus the autistic super hero. The Focus team award over 25 prizes to the kids for best creativity.

Check out the highlights film here:

Certified social cultural anthropologist Yvonne Wan interviewed the school psychiatrist about the importance of autism awareness and an autistic super hero such as Focus:

The school librarian also accepted an interview to:

We thank Amberlea school for recognising the importance of our autism awareness and anti bullying social initiative.

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