Focus comic to attend FanX Comic con

We are proud to announce that we will be attending Fan X comic con in Salt Lake City between Sept 5-7 2019. Booth 2331 and 2333. We will be promoting Focus comic which features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by professionals and interns with autism. We will also have a free community coloring competition where there will be cool prize up for grabs. We have some new line art for kids to color in – including art work by Zoe Marie, our non verbal intern with autism. Please come to the event to learn about our new activities and support our social cause initiative.

We will also have a Focus comic panel on Saturday at 1pm at Kid Con.

Here is the panel information:

Focus comic features one of the worlds first autistic super heroes, art by professionals and interns with autism. Focus is an action adventure super hero comic and is part of a social cause initiative. Our mission is to maintain dignity for autistic individuals by removing the stigma associated with autism. We have also recently started a free art summer camp for autistic kids and young adults. Tony Todd is the goodwill ambassador for this project and appears within the comic as a character called Thato. He is also the official voice of Focus. Focus is created by Social Cultural Anthropologist, Writer and Artist Yvonne Wan. Douglas Hebert is the main artist and internship coach for Focus. They will both introduce the audience to the Focus project, their recent activities and talk about the power of comics in shaping the world view, values and beliefs of kids and young adults. The panel will feature special film footage of kids with autism talking about their favorite super heroes and why. Yvonne and Doug will then discuss the significance of comics in children’s lives and how comics empower humans regardless of age, location, gender and abilities. Focus will be present the prizes to the Focus comic community coloring competition winners at the end of the panel.

Focus comic Panelists:

Yvonne Wan, Sole Creator of Focus comic. Writer. Artist. Internship Coach.

Douglas Hebert, Focus comic main artist. Artist and Internship Coach.

Nathan Archer, Focus comic TV Presenter Intern with autism.