Yvonne Wan, the sole creator of Focus and Douglas Hebert the main artist for Focus comic had a successful community outreach event at San Diego Comic Con this year.

They were granted professional passes, and had the opportunity to promote Focus comic and autism awareness at the Cartoon Art Museum booth. Yvonne Wan and Douglas Hebert also participated in a sketchathon to raise funds for the Cartoon Art Museum.

Check out these two films of Yvonne and Doug drawing live at San Diego Comic con:

Here are two pictures of their completed sketches:

Yvonne and Doug had a wonderful time having meetings with key industry professionals with regards to Focus Comic, and promoting autism awareness and acceptance at San Diego Comic con. Autistic talent is currently under represented within the comic book industry and Focus is making a difference in terms of promoting positive autistic representation, a culture of inclusion for those with autism and making such content / ideas accessible to the public.

Yvonne and Doug also interviewed celebrities in relation to Focus comic and the importance of autism awareness and acceptance. Celebrities have a huge online reach and are powerful influencers. We appreciate all the celebrities who are using their voice for social good. Celebrities that support Focus comic and autism awareness and acceptance include Ming Chen, of Comic Book Men; Ellen Dubin of Star Wars and The Collector; Joe Ochman of The transformers and Athena Finger the Granddaughter of the creator of Batman. We have many more celebrities that support the cause. Feel free to view our celebrity page to view their interviews.

Yvonne Wan, Douglas Hebert with Ming Chen of Comic Book Men
Yvonne Wan, Douglas Hebert with Ellen Dubin
Joe Ochman of Transformers
Yvonne Wan, Douglas Hebert and Athena Finger

In addition to meeting celebrities, Yvonne and Doug took time to chat with the Star Trek team, experience the Star Trek experience at San Diego. Yvonne and Doug was transported into different universes whilst reading Focus comic in the following films. Did you know our Focus comic good will ambassador played Kurn in Star Trek?

They also had fun participating in the Game of Thrones experience to. They had fun reading Focus comic on the throne.

Yvonne Wan Cosplaying as Disney Princess Pocahontas. Douglas Hebert playing the King at San Diego Comic Con.

Doug had the best time ever attending the Transformers panels and seeing all the amazing transformer toys on exhibit, and getting to draw at the show.

Yvonne also had the best time ever meeting amazing people including Mark Hamill; cosplaying with her favorite Disney princesses, and getting to draw live at the show.

If you have not yet visited San Diego Comic con, we highly recommend it.

If you have not yet purchased a copy of Focus Comic please do so through this website or through one of our retail partners.