Focus Comic Art Summer Camp. Free for autistic kids and young adults – Week 5

We are 5 weeks into our Focus comic free summer camp for kids and young adults with autism. This week, we had fun teaching the kids how to create super hero clay masks to help them feel empowered. We taught them manual ways of creating thin slabs of clay, as well as using the slab roller machine. The kids also learned how to use the mask molds to create a basic form for their masks. They also learned how to sculpt the masks using different tools and techniques. Next week, the students will learn how to continue sculpting their masks, and some will go on to painting them; depending on their individual pace of work.

Here is the highlights film for week 5:

Here is an interview with Tamarah about what she thinks of our Focus comic summer camp at Desert Dragon Pottery art studio:

Here is an interview with one of our students with autism regarding his thoughts on the Focus comic summer camp and whether he thinks autism is a strength or weakness:

Here is an interview with our student Jett, about his favorite super heroes and what they represent. The interview shows how comics influence the world view, hopes and dreams and values of kids at a young age:

Here are some films of our students having fun and learning how to use the slab roller machine:

Here are a few photos from the class. We are proud to help the kids meet new friends and also create some great childhood memories with their family members.

If you are interested in joining one of our free art classes for autistic kids and young adults, please subscribe to our blog for updates, and check our website regularly for new class dates. We will be having classes every weekend, unless we are having a community outreach event the same week.

Teachers: Douglas Hebert, Yvonne Wan of Focus comic. Assisting: Mishy Katz and Lauren.

Firing: Desert Dragon Pottery

Clay provided by Marjons and Laguna Clay.

Photography and Filming: Yvonne Wan of Focus comic ( Film Ethnographer LLC )

Thank you Desert Dragon Pottery for providing the space for Focus comic to teach.

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