Douglas Hebert, Yvonne Wan and Ellen Dubin at San Diego Comic Con

Thank you Ellen Dubin for supporting Focus comic and autism awareness at San Diego Comic Con. Check out her interview here by clicking play. Ellen talks about why she believes autism awareness is important and her thoughts on Focus the autistic super hero. Did you know Ellen Dubin played a character called Jeri Slate in The collector who besides being a print journalist, she was also a widow and the single parent of an autistic son, Gabriel (Aidan Drummond)? Ellen explains the role gave her an understanding of the world that autistic kids and families experience. She would love to see Focus as a TV series as it will help people identify with those affected by autism and create more empathy, understanding and kindness. “To create something like this is very heart warming, so continue what you are doing. Thank you”

Please order Focus through this website or buy it through one of our retail partners in support of Autism awareness and acceptance.

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