Focus Comic Outdoor Poster Campaign launches in the UK in time for Autism Awareness Month

I am pleased to announce that our first Focus Comic outdoors poster campaign has launched in the United Kingdom in time for #AutismAwareness month. The artwork here is of Focus unmasking himself (Tony Todd is the official voice of Focus). Pencil art by Yvonne Wan, and colored by Luis Guerrero. The poster mirrors one of the variant covers, and credits all our contributors on it to: Yvonne Wan, Douglas A Hebert, Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Jenn Corella, Paul Mounts, Jim Boswell, Tabidi Elkhalil, Kevin Anthony De Castro, Sarah Christina, Maleketh George (Troy George and Sarah Laitola’s son), Ashler Bate, Steve Canon, Luis Guerrero). Many thanks to Ads Smart of for supporting our social cause project by helping us raise autism awareness in England. They are such a cool company supporting worthy social initiatives such as Focus! Thank you for giving back to the community.

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