Above: Focus™ Creator Yvonne Wan. Autistic Presenter: Gaby Tyrrell. Interviewing the public at Ace Comic Con.


Yvonne Wan, social cultural anthropologist and creator of Focus comic held another community outreach event to raise autism awareness over the weekend at Ace Comic-Con. So far we have held four community outreach events: Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix Fan Fest, Tucson Comicon and Ace Comicon. Yvonne interviewed the public about why autism awareness is important and the symbolic significance of an autistic super hero with the help of an autistic presenter Gaby. Focus is a social cause campaign which goes beyond the pages of a comic. We are out there advocating for greater autism awareness and acceptance within the community and we also have autistic representation on our team. Feel free to help us raise awareness of our project by sharing our posts and helping us with receiving pre orders for our comic through our site. We also continue to accept donations so we can continue with our social work. Please visit our social media site for a comprehensive gallery of pictures. The video footage of our community outreach event will be available soon. Please subscribe to www.focuscomic.com for the latest updates. You will need to click on the confirmation email for the newsletter to be activated. Thanks.