We will be launching our Focus Comic Fund raising campaign at Phoenix Comicon 2017. The social cause comic will challenge the stigma associated with autism and save lives! Come to Table AA1123 to meet the co-creators Dave Beaty (An official Marvel artist) and Yvonne Wan (Anthropologist).

We will be giving away limited edition posters for every $10 donation we receive, and we will be giving away signed posters for every $15 we receive. In addition to this, for every $10 donation we receive, donors will receive a free raffle ticket to win a chance of having a cameo role in the 1st issue of our comic. This is a priceless opportunity to have your face drawn by a Marvel artist and have your character published within the comic.

The raffle will be held a week after we successfully raise the minimum funds to publish the comic. Please subscribe to our blog for updates.

Note: Shipping is not an option for this Phoenix Comicon Promotion. The posters are available for collection at Table AA1123 at Phoenix Comicon.